Zeolites are a group of minerals that belong to the aluminosilicate family. They are known for their unique crystal structures and porous nature, allowing them to absorb and release water and other molecules at a relatively rapid pace. This results in some incredible and unique crystal formations. Some common types of zeolites include:

Stilbite: A yellowish to pink-colored zeolite with a characteristic fibrous or pearly appearance. It is often found in cavity fillings and can aid in emotional healing, intuition, and connection with higher realms.

Apophyllite: A transparent or white zeolite that forms in pyramid-shaped crystals. It is known for its high energy vibration and is believed to facilitate spiritual awakening, connection with the higher self, and communication with spiritual beings.

Heulandite: A pale to peach-colored zeolite that forms in tabular or prismatic crystals. It is often found in cavities or geodes and is associated with emotional healing, clarity, and personal growth.

Chabazite: A pink to yellow zeolite that typically occurs in globular or grainy aggregates. It is known for its calming and soothing energy, helping with relaxation, emotional balance, and stress relief.

Natrolite: A colorless to white zeolite that forms in needle-like or fibrous crystals. It is associated with clarity of thought, intuition, and spiritual growth.

These are just a few examples of the many different types of zeolites. Because they are often mined or collected together in batches it is difficult to separate out the many varieties when offered as a selection in our subscription boxes. Though each type has its own unique characteristics, colors, and metaphysical properties. Exploring and working with different zeolites can offer a range of experiences and benefits!

If you'd like to reach out with a photo of your zeolite selection, we’ll be happy to help identify it and share further details!
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