We are excited to be a part of your journey through the crystal and mineral world. Whether you are subscribed to our Crystal of the Month plan or Crystal Variety Box, you will receive new selections every month you stay subscribed. Our mission is to provide you with as much variety as possible (rare, old finds, new finds, etc.) and expand your new (or current) crystal collection with every shipment. On rare occasions you may receive a similar or matching variety, however every crystal has their own unique qualities. This is truly the magic of crystal collecting!

All our crystals or minerals are hand-selected with care and sourced responsibly. We include only natural, untreated, crystal and mineral specimens, as the Earth created them. We have spent over 8 years building relationships with mines and vendors who source their varieties directly from fair wage, conflict free, and supportive communities and locations around the world. Every effort is made to avoid environmentally harmful crystal or mineral sources. On rare occasions we will include natural specimens that are polished or shaped after sourcing to add to your enchantment. If you have any concerns or information regarding a crystal selection you've received, please reach out to support@enchantedcrystal.com. If any of your crystal labels are damaged or not scan-able, or you've misplaced your crystal information card, current and past crystal variety information can be looked up in our Crystal Library by clicking here.

Waste is a problem for any shipping-based business, and we use only recycled, recyclable, and biodegradable materials. Our packaging is intentionally minimal and avoids colored dyes, glossy treatments, foams, or other excess products. Before shipping, each selection is hand-wrapped with bubble wrap and tape made from post-consumer recycled materials. They are then suspended in a biodegradable sheet reducing any shifting during the box’s journey to you. Any green-line plastic bags included are fully biodegradable breaking down under natural conditions into organic materials starting after 12 months. We also do not use any outside fulfillment services. All our crystal preparation and shipping are done completely in-house to help and monitor our waste reduction and recycling efforts.

From all of us at Enchanted Crystal, thank you for subscribing. We hope you enjoy each and every month!

Any issues with your box? Visit our Help Center for answers to common questions. Or DM us on Instagram @enchantedcrystal or email support@enchantedcrystal.com

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