Vanadinite is a mineral composed of lead, vanadium, and oxygen. It forms in the oxidation zone of lead deposits, typically as small hexagonal crystals or clusters. Vanadinite is known for its vibrant red, orange, or brown color.

Vanadinite is found in various locations worldwide, including Morocco, Namibia, and Mexico. A notable source is the Mibladen mining district in Morocco where Enchanted Crystal directly sources most of our Moroccan crystal varieties.

Metaphysically, vanadinite is believed to stimulate creativity, vitality, and manifestation. It is associated with the root and sacral chakras, providing grounding energy and enhancing one's sense of personal power. Vanadinite is thought to increase motivation, drive, and determination, helping individuals overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. Additionally, vanadinite is thought to have a protective quality, shielding against negativity and promoting a sense of stability and security.

All crystals sourced responsibly and packaged with care and intention.

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