Thulite is the pink variety of the mineral zoisite, known for its rosy hues that range from pale pink to deep crimson. This coloration comes from manganese inclusions within the zoisite, and the intensity of the pink depends on the amount of manganese present. Thulite forms in metamorphic rocks and is often found in areas with high-grade metamorphism, where the original rock minerals transform under intense heat and pressure. The most famous deposits of thulite are found in Norway, where it was first discovered and named after the mythical island of Thule.

In the world of metaphysics, thulite is celebrated as a stone of joyful expression and empowerment. It's believed to inspire eloquence, enthusiasm, and an extroverted approach to life, making it a favorite for those who wish to enhance their communication skills and social interactions. Thulite is thought to stimulate the heart chakra, encouraging compassion, empathy, and understanding in relationships. Embraced for its uplifting and optimistic energy, thulite is often used by those seeking to overcome limitations and embrace the joys of life, making it a beacon for positive vibrations and personal growth.

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