Smoky quartz (also spelled smokey) is a variety of quartz that gets its distinctive smoky color from thorium radiation during its formation process. Thorium is a naturally occurring radioactive element found in small amounts in the Earth's crust. It emits alpha particles and low-energy gamma radiation as it undergoes radioactive decay. When thorium is present near a growing quartz crystal, the radiation it emits can interact with the crystal lattice structure of quartz, causing the coloration to change resulting in the formation of smoky quartz.

Metaphysically, smoky quartz is known to absorb and transmute negative energies into positive ones, making them excellent tools for clearing and purifying the environment. Smoky quartz is said to facilitate spiritual growth and transformation. They are believed to assist in releasing old patterns, fears, and blockages, promoting personal growth, and helping one embrace change. Smoky quartz is also used for grounding during meditation, allowing individuals to connect with the Earth's energy and deepen their spiritual practice. This energy is often described as gentle yet powerful, making them a popular choice for energy workers and crystal enthusiasts. 

Whether used for energy clearing, spiritual growth, or emotional balance, smoky quartz is valued for its ability to purify energy, provide stability, and support personal transformation. This dark shade of quartz, brought about by a perfect scenario of natural radiation, makes them highly sought after by collectors.

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