Shaman Stones, also known as Moqui Marbles, are naturally occurring iron oxide concretions that have fascinated both geologists and metaphysical communities alike. They are formed over millions of years from the gradual cementation of sandstone by layers of iron and other minerals, creating a hard spherical shell around a sandstone core. This geological process typically occurs in sedimentary rock formations where iron is present in the groundwater. The iron precipitates out of the water and accumulates layer by layer, often around a nucleus of another stone or fossil fragment, eventually forming these unique spherical shapes.

Shaman Stones are predominantly found in the Navajo Sandstone Formations in the southwestern United States, particularly in Utah and Arizona. The name 'Shaman Stone' comes from the Native American cultures that inhabit these regions, who have long held these objects in high regard. Metaphysically, Shaman Stones are considered powerful tools for grounding and protection, believed to help align the chakras and balance one's energy field. They are said to possess an earthy vigor that can connect the user to the Earth's primordial state, which may be why they are often used in healing practices to foster a deep sense of wholeness and harmony with nature. Additionally, these stones are associated with facilitating communication with the spiritual realm, enhancing one's ability to uncover and follow personal truths, and are sometimes used in shamanic journeying for this purpose.

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