Red calcite is a variety of calcite mineral that exhibits a distinctive red or reddish-orange coloration. Calcite itself is a calcium carbonate mineral, and the red color in red calcite is usually caused by the presence of iron impurities.

During the growth of calcite crystals, iron-bearing minerals present in the surrounding environment introduce iron ions into the calcite structure as it forms, leading to the characteristic reddish color. The concentration and distribution of iron impurities determine the intensity of the red coloration.

Red calcite is known for its energizing and stimulating properties. It is believed to help boost vitality, motivation, and physical energy. Some people use red calcite as a crystal for overcoming lethargy, revitalizing the body, and promoting a sense of courage and action.

In addition to its energetic properties, red calcite is also thought to have positive effects on the physical body. It is said to support the circulatory system, aiding in the regulation of blood pressure and improving blood flow. It is also believed to assist in the healing of bones, connective tissues, and provide overall support to the body's metabolism and immune system.

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