Rainbow Moonstone is a captivating gemstone found in various regions, including India, Sri Lanka, and Australia. Enchanted Crystal has sourced its Rainbow Moonstone directly from a source in Madagascar. The name of Rainbow Moonstone lies in its play of colors, known as adularescence, which can sometimes cause shifting blue and multicolored flashes when light interacts with its internal structure. The darker inclusions are small amounts of Black Tourmaline.

This stunning flash of colors occurs due to the arrangement of alternating layers of feldspar minerals within the stone. These layers scatter light, sometimes creating a captivating dance of colors across the gem's surface. Rainbow Moonstone's enchanting appearance has made it a favorite among those drawn to its ethereal beauty.

Metaphysically, Rainbow Moonstone is associated with feminine energy and intuition. It's believed to enhance one's connection to their intuition, promoting spiritual insight and guidance. It is is also thought to aid in emotional balance and provide soothing, gentle energy during times of stress.

All crystals sourced responsibly and packaged with care and intention.

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