Pink Opal from Peru is a serene gemstone known for its gentle pink hues, forming in volcanic rocks from silica-rich water. Unlike other opals, it doesn’t display play-of-color, offering instead a tranquil, uniform pink, attributed to trace organic compounds. Sourced directly from a locally-owned mine in the Andes Mountains, this variety of opal is admired for its understated elegance, embodying the peaceful nature of its environment.

In metaphysical practices, Peruvian Pink Opal is valued for its calming and heart-healing properties. It is believed to soothe emotional stress and nurture the heart chakra, making it beneficial for those dealing with heartache or grief. Additionally, this opal is thought to aid spiritual growth, encouraging feelings of love, hope, and optimism. Its soft energy is ideal for meditation, helping to foster compassion and a deep sense of inner harmony.

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