Mottramite is a vanadium oxide mineral that typically forms as a secondary product in the oxidation zone of lead ore deposits. This process occurs when minerals like galena are exposed to oxygen and water, leading to a chemical transformation wherein vanadium, often present as a minor component in the host rock, is also incorporated. Known for its velvety luster and dense, resinous appearance, mottramite can be found in various localities, with notable occurrences in Tsumeb, Namibia, known for its complex and varied mineral deposits. Enchanted Crystal has sourced this mottramite from an "old find" in Mexico, it is believed to have been sourced from the Ojuela Mine, located in the state of Durango. Though this mine no longer produces new finds, it has been co-opted by locals and the mine and ruins of the operation are now a tourism destination.

In the sphere of metaphysical properties, mottramite is not as commonly referenced as more prevalent minerals, but it is sometimes considered to possess attributes of grounding and protection due to its galena content and dense structure. Some enthusiasts of crystal healing attribute to it the ability to clear the mind and strengthen one's connection to the earth, encouraging stability and endurance. Its association with vanadium is sometimes said to lend the energy of efficiency and resourcefulness, making mottramite a mineral often turned to for support during challenging times and for assistance in navigating complex situations.

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