Mooncharger Lemurians are a type of Lemurian Seed Crystal, a variety of quartz reputed to be imprinted with the wisdom of an ancient civilization known as Lemuria, much like their more famous counterparts, the Lemurian Seed Crystals. The "Mooncharger" moniker derives from their association with lunar energy and the belief that they are most potent when charged under the light of the moon, especially during significant lunar phases such as the full moon or new moon. The term "Lemurian" is rooted in the idea that these crystals were left by the Lemurians as a form of knowledge transmission to be discovered by later generations. The unique striations and patterns on their surfaces are considered to be the "barcodes" carrying this lost knowledge.

In metaphysical circles, Mooncharger Lemurians are said to combine the quintessential qualities of Lemurian Seeds — high vibration, access to spiritual wisdom, and the capacity to enhance meditation — with an added layer of intuitive and feminine energy bestowed by the moon. They are often used in healing and meditative practices with an emphasis on emotional healing, understanding one’s inner self, and tapping into the collective unconscious. Believers in crystal healing might employ these stones in rituals or keep them nearby to harness their energy for personal growth and enlightenment.

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