Laterite Quartz, also known as Elestial or Skeletal Quartz (depending on its inclusions), is a type of crystal characterized by its unique layered, skeletal-like appearance. This intriguing structure is formed through a complex process of crystal growth, often involving fluctuations in temperature and the presence of mineral-rich fluids during the quartz's development. As the quartz crystal grows, these environmental changes can result in the dissolution of internal layers, leaving behind a distinctive pattern of cavities and channels within the crystal. These channels often contain traces of the minerals (in this case laterite) that were present in the fluid, adding to the crystal's aesthetic and geological intrigue. The result is a crystal with a stepped, layered look, revealing its internal structure and growth history. This formation process makes each crystal cunique, with patterns that can range from subtle etchings to pronounced, deep cavities.

In metaphysical beliefs, laterite quartz is believed to blend the amplifying properties of quartz with the grounding and stabilizing qualities attributed to laterite's earthy components. The complex internal structure of this type of quartz is believed to symbolize the many layers and dimensions of the self, encouraging introspection and the uncovering of deeper truths. Its ability to hold ancient information is thought to make it a tool for wisdom and knowledge, aiding in the understanding of life's complexities and mysteries.

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