Hyalite opal, a form of opal that is distinguishable by its often colorless appearance. It is composed primarily of silica and water and in highly concentrated deposits can have a unique glass-like appearance, which is where its name, derived from the Greek word for glass, 'hyalos,' originates. This type of opal forms from the rapid cooling of high-silica content gels typically deposited by hot springs, or in cavities of volcanic rocks where the gels solidify into a gelatinous form and gradually harden over time into hyalite.

In metaphysical terms, hyalite opal is often associated with clarity, purity, and emotional healing. It is believed to promote a clear and balanced mental state, enhancing personal vision and understanding. Hyalite opal is also said to possess the ability to amplify one's thoughts and intentions, being most often used for manifestation purposes during a meditation ritual.

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