Green star mica, also known as fuchsite, is a mineral that belongs to the mica group. It is formed through a process called metamorphism. When rocks containing aluminum and potassium undergo intense heat and pressure, fuchsite crystals are formed. These crystals have a unique green color, often with a shimmering star-like effect and formation, hence the name "green star mica."

Much like green lepidolite mica, metaphysically, green star mica combines the properties of mica with the healing energies associated with the color green. It is thought to help release emotional blockages and to enhance spiritual growth, intuition, and connection with nature. The star shape and multiple layering of mica are believed to multiply and extend these properties to fill a room. Green star mica is often used in meditation and energy healing practices and some consider it further amplified in green outdoor areas and indoor spaces with natural light and plants.

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