Discovered in 2018, dragon’s tooth amethyst were originally part of a massive deposit of large elestial style amethyst crystals found in Bahia, Brazil. These unique crystals get their shape due to the matrix/bond between them breaking apart into long wand-like shapes. Generally, when crystals form in clusters, they’re molecularly bonded to each other. But somehow, these crystals grew independently and side by side into a larger cluster, yet never fully connected.

Due to the crystals growing so tightly against each other, they formed impressions of their growth pattern on each of their crystal neighbors. This fascinating process left behind the markings you see alongside the lower stem of the crystal. These indentations are the exact imprint of another crystal that someone else in the world now has!

Amethyst is a very popular and widely recognized variety of quartz crystal prized for its beautiful purple color. It is formed from silicon dioxide and gets its distinct purple hue from trace amounts of iron and other impurities in the crystal lattice.

Metaphysically, amethyst is often regarded as a stone of calmness, balance, and is believed to promote emotional well-being and spiritual insight. Many people use amethyst for meditation, stress relief, and promoting a peaceful environment. See our amethyst description for further info.

Due to dragon's tooth amethyst being a more recent discovery, its additional metaphysical properties are up for debate. Some believe that its bonded growth style makes it capable of unifying properties of other amethyst if placed near together. Though as always, we encourage you to find your own unique connection to this very special variety of amethyst.

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