Candle Quartz, also known as cathedral quartz or pineapple quartz, is a unique and rare variety of quartz crystal that is found primarily in Madagascar. It is highly prized by crystal enthusiasts and collectors for its distinctive shape and metaphysical properties.

Candle quartz gets its name from its resemblance to a candle or cathedral spire. It is characterized by a large central crystal with smaller crystals surrounding it, forming a kind of "candlestick" or "pineapple" shape. The smaller crystals often grow in parallel or fan-like arrangements around the main crystal, creating a beautiful and intricate pattern.

The formation of candle quartz is believed to occur when gas bubbles or water pockets become trapped within the crystal during its growth. These cavities then create the conditions for the smaller crystals to form around the central point, giving rise to the unique shape.

Metaphysically, candle quartz is associated with spiritual growth, clarity, and illumination. It is considered a powerful tool for meditation and enhancing one's connection to higher realms of consciousness. Its energy is often described as uplifting, soothing, and protective.


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