Black Kyanite is a unique crystal formation of the mineral kyanite, known for its sleek and black appearance. It is typically found in blade-like or fan-like shapes, with a natural striated texture. Black Kyanite is formed in metamorphic rock environments under high-pressure conditions, where the mineral aligns itself in a specific direction, resulting in its distinctive shape.

Metaphysically, Black Kyanite is prized for its grounding and protective properties. It is believed to create a strong energetic connection to the Earth, helping to anchor and stabilize one's energy field. Black Kyanite is said to facilitate the clearing and alignment of all chakras, especially the Root chakra. It is believed to help release energy blockages, promote energetic flow, and support emotional balance.

Black Kyanite is valued for its ability to aid in self-discovery, as it is believed to help uncover hidden aspects of oneself and support personal growth and transformation. Its sleek and sharp form is seen as a symbol of cutting through illusions and accessing deeper truths. A truly special example of a crystal that matches itself in both form and function!

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