June 2024 Letter to Subscribers!

June 2024 Letter to Subscribers!

Welcome to another month with Enchanted Crystal!

June's favorite crystal is Dragon's Tooth Amethyst!

The Dragon's Tooth Amethyst crystal is likely one of the very first crystals you've received with us. This is an absolute favorite by all of us at Enchanted Crystal. Amethyst in general is quite common, but this particular variety grew in such a unique way that it was if they were designed to be shared. Growing as a giant nearly-elestial cluster, these amethyst points splinter apart with minimal effort allowing so many to participate in collecting a piece individually. Our understanding is that when originally found in Bahia, Brazil, the first specimens were discovered already splintered apart while unearthing. The founders were unsure what the origin of this type of Amethyst was, and imagined a much different cluster formation. They quickly took on the name "dragon's teeth" when observed individually. An example photo here of an entire cluster:

We hope you enjoy this month's crystal selections! If you have any questions or concerns about your subscription, feel free to reach out to support@enchantedcrystal.com.

The Enchanted Crystal Team