April 2024 Latest Letter to Subscribers!

April 2024 Latest Letter to Subscribers!

Another month, another shipment with Enchanted Crystal!

April's new favorite crystal, included in many subscriber boxes... Peruvian Pink Opal!

It's not often we get opal in a more raw formation. So often, by the time we can find a reputable source of a new opal variety, it is only available in the highest grade (completely out of the price range of our subscription boxes). This can sometimes mean a mine or vendor has discarded many wonderful selections, possibly in an effort to elevate scarcity or maintain a higher price point. We've sourced this opal directly from a local-owned mine in Peru. Specifically requesting they do not discard any specimens.

This concept of preserving crystals in their raw form may sometimes be lost in crystal collecting communities. While we still love a high grade or beautifully polished specimen, sometimes seeing first-hand what a crystal looked like without any further intervention can be just as awe-inspiring as the carefully curated selections. We always aim to offer a balance of varieties of crystals in this rawest-of-form as possible.

Raw varieties also ensures we control how many hands the crystals have passed through before arriving to us. An important concern for us with all our crystal selections. Like the Peruvian Pink Opal, this can also be said for any of our palm stone varieties. These varieties have come directly from their source mines, and polished by hand by the local community. The larger palm size means they are not taken to factories and tumbled in large vats (which typically break the stones down into much smaller sizes). All our palm stones are hand processed by fair wage mine-sourced localities. No further after-market sale or modification between the mine sourcing, us receiving for organization, cleansing, and planning-- and their final journey to you.

We like that very much, and hope you do too!

As always, if you have any questions or concerns about your subscription this month, feel free to reach out to support@enchantedcrystal.com.

The Enchanted Crystal Team