Mystery Buy - Grape Agate - B and C Grade (b-003)


Product type: Grape Agate - B and C Grade

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Although they’re referred to as grape agate, these crystals are in fact spherical clusters of micro amethyst. The name isn’t altogether incorrect though, as agate is actually a variety of quartz. Meaning they share the same atomic structure of 1 silicone atom and 2 oxygen atoms. The primary difference being that, due to a different geological environment, when agates form the individual crystals grow much smaller and in a tight radial fashion. This is what leads to the color bands and bubbly shapes commonly seen in agate geodes. This growth pattern is also what is responsible for causing the remarkable grape like crystal form you see before you!


These particular specimens are B and C grade and contain minor imperfections, but are nonetheless beautiful and unique in their own right.

You will receive one specimen similar to those pictured.