Galena (D-12)


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This metallic crystal is formed by the joining of lead and sulfur atoms. Treasured for it’s high lead content, galena has been used since as far back as 5000 BC for lead production which was then used to create paint, pottery glazes, and many other products. Galena was even used cosmetically by the ancient Egyptians as an under eye application to help with sun glare (similar to what professional football players do today). In modern times it still holds the title as the primary ore used for lead in the industrial world and has even been refined for silver as well! It is worth noting that due to it’s high lead content galena should be treated with some caution. Once the lead bonds with the sulfur atom it makes it safe to handle but you should make sure to wash your hands after holding it and do not consume it.

You will receive the exact specimen in the photographs above.