Faden Quartz (c-33)


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Of course, Faden Quartz is not your average quartz. It's formed when quartz is growing within a silica-rich solution and has filled a fissure of rock deep within the earth. This quartz then develops into a long, thin crystal, spanning the width of the fissure's gap and attaching to both sides. As this crack expands, the quartz is fractured and pulled apart, however, the silica solution helps it heal quickly. This process repeats continually, stretching a thread of quartz along until the host rock stops expanding. Once this has ceased, the quartz forms normally, leaving a long, flat scar of suspended gas and liquid trapped within. This is what gives Faden Quartz it's signature, unique thread-like structure that runs through each piece of Faden Quartz. In fact, "faden" is the German word for "thread." No quartz collection is complete without the fabulous Faden.