Chlorite Dream Quartz (a-709)


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Dream Quartz is quartz featuring a complex growth structure and in this case hosting patches of bright green chlorite inside. These mineral beauties are also known as jacaré quartz, taken from the Portuguese word jacaré meaning alligator, due to their resemblance to an alligator's skin.

Where these pieces truly shine is once they’re in the sun (pun fully intended) and you can see the numerous terminations and crystal faces flashing on the specimen.

Although, we can’t tell for sure what caused all these faces to form the most likely culprit is that they grew quickly (in crystal terms this is still a really really long time) and in a turbulent environment. In general, the faster a crystal forms the more fluctuations it will have in it’s growth pattern. Additionally, having lots of shifts in the environment while the crystal grows will cause a similar effect.

You will receive the exact specimen in the photographs above.