52 Celestite Clusters

52 Celestite Clusters


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52 Celestite clusters from Madagascar weighing 15 pounds. You will receive the exact crystal lot in this photograph. 

Clestite, also, referred to as celestine, this crystal may appear to be blue quartz but it's in fact a strontium rich variety of baryte. This makes celestite extremely important in the commercial world as it's the primary mineral used to produce strontium. Fortunately, most of what they use is a massive form of celestite that's usually brown and not so pretty, saving all the good blue stuff for us!

These crystals, along with pretty much all the blue celestite you'll ever see, is from Madagascar. This area, now famous worldwide, is located on the northwestern coastline and contains a massive deposit of celestite which formed there roughly ~65 million years ago (right around when all the dinosaurs died). Amazingly, all of these crystals are mined individually by locals in small hand dug shafts.

We owe all of the miners of Madagascar heaps of gratitude for their efforts in bringing these baby blue beauties to us all!