September 2023 Subscriber Letter

September 2023 Subscriber Letter

Another month of crystal enchantment!

This month we are excited to be attending the Denver 2023 Gem Show! Considered to be the second largest gem show in the United States, we are looking forward to connecting with some of our favorite vendors and seeing what is new! While we won't be attending as a seller, you may catch us browsing around the various locations this show has in the city of Denver. We love attending every year, and Denver is such an awesome city with some truly incredible people residing in it. We can't wait to connect!

With this letter, we also wanted to point out something new included with our Crystal Variety Box subscriber experience. Crystal grid descriptions! If you aren't already familiar, each month a new design is screen printed with water-based pvc-free ink on hand cut/sewn linen squares. Along with a new design, Crystal Variety Box subscribers now also receive a descriptive outline which may explain the qualities present in the design, ideas for their use, or potential history on its shapes and elements. While the crystal grids themselves are not new, the details surrounding them had always remained a mystery. These crystal grids are exclusive to our Crystal Variety Box subscribers and printed in limited quantities. 

This month we're highlighting the "Flower of Life" symbol, if you're curious, you can read all about it by clicking here.

Looking forward, the seasons are beginning their change up here in the Pacific Northwest, and we'll be looking forward to settling back into crystal shop life after returning from Denver. Hopefully with some new surprises we'll be sharing with you all next month!

Love and Blessings!

The Enchanted Crystal Team