October 2023 Subscriber Letter

October 2023 Subscriber Letter

Thanks for joining another month with Enchanted Crystal! Autumn has officially started up here in the PNW and we're looking forward to that calm-before-the-storm time of year. The upcoming holidays are always a busy time for us, so we like to spend October through November organizing and sprucing up things around the shop in preparation. We've brought back a huge assortment of new varieties from the Denver Gem Show last month, and now we need to find where to put them!

In other news, we have begun work towards changing up our look! By this we mean, a bit of a branding update. The logo and artwork you see now has been in use since 2016 (why does that only seem like a few years ago...) While we don't expect to change too much, we are hoping to give everything a once-over. Hopefully by next month we'll be revealing these changes. The website will also be getting an overhaul, including new store features, and fresh inventory and pricing.

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As always, we hope this month's crystals selections brings new energy, peace, and love to your home and through all of your life movements.


The Enchanted Crystal Team