Crystal Grid!

Crystal Grid!
Another season change, and another crystal grid for subscribers!

This grid design is heavily inspired by autumn energies. Eight sun patterns revolve around a central pattern of concentric descending hexagons.

For a little background, the hexagon shape carries profound symbolism in various spiritual and mystical traditions. It's often associated with harmony and balance, representing a perfect union of opposites. With its six equal sides and angles, the hexagon embodies equilibrium and unity, reflecting the interplay of various dualities in the universe, such as the spiritual and the material, or the masculine and the feminine energies. In sacred geometry, it holds a significant place, forming the basis of intricate patterns like the Flower of Life, which symbolizes creation, the cosmos, and the interconnectedness of all life.

The sun shapes can be interpreted to represent rising energies, and may pair well with crystals of a more intense nature, such a carnelian, aragonite, and agate. Placing these on the outer suns will align them with a central selection of crystals you may wish to intensify. We might suggest quartz or selenite to act as an agent of your intentions in the middle, after which you may carry it with you, hopefully having combined several properties into it.

As always, crystal grid work is a highly personal experience. Sometimes, even just the practice of placing crystals can help the mind sort through any trials or considerations one might be facing. Even if the crystals themselves are not carried or interacted with following their placement. We hope this design inspires you as we enter in this autumnal season!