Crystal Grid!

Crystal Grid!

This month's crystal grid lays out a much more direct approach to crystal pattern work. With a central 8 pointed star forming its core, and elaborate pathways emanating to outer connection points.

An eight-pointed star, sometimes referred to as the Star of Lakshmi in Hindu culture or as the Octagram, is formed by overlapping two squares, which can symbolize the bringing together of the earthly realm (the square) with the spiritual (the star). The squares typically represent stability and balance, being figures with equal sides. This interaction reflects themes of cosmic order, the interconnectedness of the physical and ethereal, and the cyclical nature of life. Each point of the star can also represent a path leading to a spiritual center or enlightenment, a convergence of forces, or an opening of doorways to higher understanding.

The number eight, seen again by eight additional points in the outer design, carries significance on its own, embodying notions of abundance, order, and regeneration—this is particularly true in systems of belief like Hinduism, where the eight points of the star correspond to the eight forms of wealth bestowed by the goddess Lakshmi.

With these elements in mind, this grid could lend itself well to crystal placement and meditation with a focus on balanced manifestation. With notions of abundance mentioned above, it’s important to note that this is not directly referring to gaining wealth of a purely monetary value. But also knowledge and understanding can be manifested in abundance. The eight points are working to balance this process, and calm the meditative process, with whatever focus may be needed.

With this many crystal connecting points to work with, smaller selections of quartz may be placed to link other crystals with specific properties together. We hope this design inspires you in your crystal journey or meditative processes!