May 2024 Letter to Subscribers!

May 2024 Letter to Subscribers!

Thank you for joining another month with Enchanted Crystal!

May's favorite crystal is Rhodonite!

Many of you may have received a Rhodonite palm stone in their box today (If not, it's sure to come in a future box along your journey with us!). This crystal variety is a favorite due to it's rich contrast of reds, pinks, blacks, and greys within its matrix. It's not often you see this mixture of colors and shades in the world of crystals. The pinks and reds are a good reminder to find that spark of positivity during those sometimes darker moments in life.

We also love that this Rhodonite variety is shared in the "palm stone" form. While at first glance, this may look to be just a larger tumbled stone. But at this size (generally 2 - 3 inches), they aren't actually tumbled in large noisy steel drums. These are cut and polished by hand to ensure their size remains as consistent as possible. Palm stones are fantastic "pocket" crystals and one of our most frequently requested styles we share in our boxes. They are large enough to easily keep track of, and perfect for carrying out on a days journey. At the shop, we keep a bowl of palm stones out for anybody who may feel the calling to touch and explore a new crystal variety. Most people can't help but reach for one every time they visit.

If you didn't receive a palm stone variety this month, we can almost guarantee one will be coming in the next!

As always, if you have any questions or concerns about your subscription this month, feel free to reach out to

The Enchanted Crystal Team