March Letter to Subscribers!

March Letter to Subscribers!

Welcome back to another month with Enchanted Crystal!

This month we've settled back into shop organizing and planning. With spring just around the corner, a lot of over-due cleaning and cleansing of our shop space is ahead of us. We are looking forward to a total overhaul of crystal and mineral storage, along with some nice tech upgrades to help us with tracking each and every subscriber selections as we move from month to month.

This month's favorite crystal was sent to many of our oldest subscribers. Astrophyllite!

We love the firework-like inclusions in astrophyllite and also that many believe it to help encourage reaching your full potential! This is exactly the crystal we need now with the new beginnings brought about with spring.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns about your subscription this month, feel free to reach out to

Happy spring!

The Enchanted Crystal Team