June 2023 Subscriber Letter

June 2023 Subscriber Letter

Welcome back to another month with Enchanted Crystal!

This month brings with it a ton of changes. For starters, you're reading this letter on our website! To reduce printing and paper waste we've moved the monthly subscriber letter to digital format.

We've officially launched our new online Crystal Library! For now, it compiles all the information from many past and present crystal selections in one place. But we plan to continue expanding and evolving the information included over the coming months.

With that in place, we are excited to announce Crystal Variety Boxes now include information on every single variety we select for subscribers! If you had subscribed to our Crystal of the Month plan, you may have enjoyed receiving informational cards every month on a single featured crystal. Well now Crystal Variety Boxes also have this information! Simply scan the QR code on the label to learn about each variety. You also have the option of visiting the Crystal Library directly to manually select your variety in case there is an issue with the QR code (or if perhaps you tore that label off before you scanned, whoops). We are so pleased to provide this additional value to subscribers of the Crystal Variety Box plan.

In addition to this, the crystal grids we include with Crystal Variety Box are now also including information. A QR code sticker is now affixed to all new grid designs moving forward and can be scanned to receive a brief description of the designs and ideas behind each. We admit, in the past the crystal grids have been somewhat of a mystery. It was always our intention to expand upon them. Designed by various artists over the years, we hope to bring more details forward about their origin and concepts. Each crystal grid has something unique to offer, and we're excited to finally share what that is!


Above is a pic of our latest crystal grid right after ink is pressed onto it. Our partners at Spooltown in Portland cut and sew these lovely little squares from all natural linen textiles. This months design is a bit unusual, reflecting the rising energy we've had around the shop to push out all this new goodness for Crystal Variety Box subscribers. You can find more details on the design and how it can be utilized by clicking here.

With all the out of the way, we hope you are enjoying the warming weather. It's been especially hot up here in the Pacific Northwest and the approaching summer season is a magical time for the area. We can't wait to hear what you think of all the changes, as well as this month's selections. As always, thank you for being subscribers, love and blessings!

The Enchanted Crystal Team