July 2023 Subscriber Letter

July 2023 Subscriber Letter

Welcome to July's subscription box!

This month really flew by. We've slowly started to get the word out that our Crystal Variety Box now includes QR codes with information on each variety. We are so thankful for all the feedback and we've been slowly adding more of our past varieties to the Crystal Library! Soon we hope to be adding example photos and more to each of these listings. Please let us know if you have any other ideas or further feedback by contacting us here.

We've also started brushing up on our TikTok! Denis and Adam have posted quite a few on there already, and if TikTok is your thing, give us a follow!

Last week we put out a new video on our socials to showcase how the new QR codes works and we think it turned out pretty great. Check it out by clicking below:

We have a few more video ideas brewing to showcase what our subscription plans offer, stay tuned to those socials!

As always, please reach out with any feedback or concerns about your subscription boxes. We're so grateful for the opportunity to provide you all with a new crystal experience every month!

The Enchanted Crystal Team