Crystal Grid!

Crystal Grid!

This month we have a mandala!

Mandalas make excellent crystal grids for so many reasons. Symmetry, repetition, connection, and beauty, all wrapped up in one design. This mandala includes a central and outer lotus leaf overlap which is a wonderful pathway to connect your crystals. Crown chakra symbolism is very present in this design. We recommend placing a central crystal that you may have already bonded with on center, and then placing crystals you wish to potentially charge or copy on the outside petals. The 16 different connections/petals on the outside will work wonderfully with quartz points or selenite shards.

The 4 stacked dots repeating along the edge petals symbolize the body and mind as a temple. A reminder that the body supports the mind, and all must be aligned and balanced to work together harmoniously.

You may also notice 8 bold bands around the inner circle. The heaver weight of the lines implies a bolder connection from inside-out. If you only have a small collection you wish to work with, emphasis on those 8 connecting banded points is recommended.

We hope this crystal design helps you in your crystal and meditative journey!