January 2024 Letter to Subscribers!

January 2024 Letter to Subscribers!

2024 has begun! Thank you for joining us as we begin this new year!

January is always an interesting month for us at Enchanted Crystal. We are calming down from the rush of the holidays, but then quickly ramping back up for the next big gem show. Tucson! This year we'll be attending the Tucson Gem Show during it's first week. If you have any questions, ideas, or requests while we're there, please reach out to us via support@enchantedcrystal.com.

We'll be moving through the Tucson Gem Show on a clear mission to collaborate with our usual vendors on their new finds in 2023. We hope to bring back some never-before-seen varieties. Our sources include direct vendors from conflict-free and fair-wage mining operations in Madagascar, Morocco, Brazil, Mexico, and more. We can't wait to see what they literally have in store.

Stay tuned to our socials for updates and behind-the-scenes footage on our stories and reels.


The Enchanted Crystal Team