Crystal Grid!

Crystal Grid!

 This month's crystal grid includes a very special ancient symbol used in spiritual practices, the Sri Yantra, also known as Sri Chakra.

The Sri Yantra is revered as one of the most significant "Yantras" – mystical diagrams representing the cosmos. This ancient symbol is a wondrous tool for meditation and spiritual enlightenment, deeply rooted in Hindu spiritual practices.

Comprising nine interlocking triangles that form 43 smaller ones, emanating from a central point or bindu, the Sri Yantra is a stunning representation of the universe. The central bindu represents the origin and the focal point of the universe, the source of creation and unity. The four upright triangles are said to symbolize Shiva, the masculine force of the universe, while the five inverted triangles (top-down) represent Shakti, the feminine power. This interplay of masculine and feminine energies illustrates the fundamental principles of the universe and the dynamic interplay between them.

Meditating on the Sri Yantra can be a profound experience, believed to elevate consciousness and bring about spiritual awakening. It's not just a focus for meditation; it's thought to harmonize the environment, infusing peace and balance. The Sri Yantra’s intricate design, rich with symbolic meaning and mathematical precision, is a testament to the ancient wisdom of sacred geometry. It's a beacon of cosmic energy, found adorning temples and homes for thousands of years.

When used as a crystal grid, the pathways and placements are near limitless. Consideration for the upright and inverted triangles can be taken into account for a more masculine or feminine energy in connection to your crystals of choice. With an emphasis on balance, this crystal grid is a great tool to bring in the new year, and help align and balance your meditative practices.